Why did we invest in a Coconut Farm?


10 years ago, if you’d have told us that we'd have more than 25% of our wealth in organic farmland and agriculture investments today, we’d have called you crazy! 

But here we are and we sleep well at night knowing that even when the stock market corrects, people are still gonna eat, drink, and use products made from coconuts! 

Where is your wealth invested? If you have pension, IRA or cash invested in the stock market today and want to learn about protecting and growing that wealth using Agriculture, please comment below 

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Top 10 Most Costly Real Estate Investing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

#realestateinvesting Jan 04, 2020

Mistake #1: Fail To Treat Real Estate Investing Like A Real Biz

We’ve seen too many people treat real estate investing like a hobby versus a proper business. They get caught up in emotion, FOMO, and can't resist the allure of being a Landlord / Investor / Genius. So they jump in with two feet, leaping before they look too deep, and making mistakes that are avoidable.

In reality, most real estate investing mistakes are avoidable with education, mentoring, analysis models, data sources and a bit of practice and patience. This is particularly so in the US and other efficient western markets, where the formula for success is a data driven equation anyone can learn to master.

The price of the property is X, taxes and insurance equals Y, a property manager charges Z, and the rent you can charge a tenant is within a known range for that street and neighborhood. Add in a bit of maintenance and vacancy to cushion the ebbs and flows of landlord...

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Why We're Changing Our Name

news Oct 18, 2019


Forced into a company name change at any stage of your business is never easy. And it’s especially frustrating if you’ve already expended a lot of time, effort, money in website domain names and email setup, legal and banking setup, logo design and trademark application, and of course the impact of brand change across all of your marketing communications.

Still, we are grateful that we’ve discovered the jeopardy in Real Estate Rainmakers and especially our Global Investor Academy name at this time in our evolution. In fact, it seems to have been a lesson for us that’s perfectly timed. The circumstances have forced us to pause, and in the stillness notice that we have evolved to something beyond the Academy anyway…

You see, this week our business attorney raised an issue that concerned him about our Global Investor Academy company name. Basically, due to the Trump University settlement in 2018, where the court ruled...

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Why did we create the Global Investor Alliance?

#freedom #musings #ratrace Oct 01, 2019
To try and help you break free from the rat race. To give you the tools and education to live a freer life. It might not be tomorrow. It might be a couple of years from now depending on your current circumstances. Or 5 years from now. Or maybe even 10. The important thing is not the timing but actually pulling it off. Right now you are probably trading your time for money. Which is exhausting. The more money you want, the more hours you have to work as you climb the corporate ladder. You look forward to vacations and weekends. And sometimes you actually get your whole weekend free (minus a few hours here and there responding to email or worrying about the following week). You run around every day trying to get somewhere, a meeting here, a meeting there. Stressed by commuting, by work politics, trying to fit family and friends into an already exhausting schedule. How did you get to this point in your life? 
You see, we are all conditioned to follow...
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Are You Ready to Resuscitate Your American Dream?

Is it even possible to resuscitate the American dream? Are dreams applicable anymore in this deeply politically, socioeconomically divided American and global environment of anger, frustration and negativity?

I’ll admit that I try to avoid the “news” these days. Consuming it feels much like enduring a bad Reality TV series or a Jerry Springer episode with bad language, bad behavior and a lot of justifying, explaining and defending vs. taking responsibility for solving.

I’m tired of wallowing in all the crap it feels like I can’t control anyway. I’m sick of feeling like a rubbernecker gawking at the car crash on the other side of the barrier. The more focus we collectively give to the bashing and carnage, the more intensely it escalates the fight.

This is the Law of Attraction in action. Like gravity, it’s a natural law that simply exists – there’s no denying it. We must operate within its rules. With Earth’s gravity, we...

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