Here’s Why Farmland Is Always The Smart Investment

Long before the COVID-19 crisis swept the globe, we urged our friends, family and Alliance members to invest in farmland. 

Sure, when we first published our article on the top five reasons to invest in farmland back in early January 2020, we couldn’t have imagined the economic upheaval the looming global pandemic would cause. 

After all, it was before China’s decision to shut down cities with millions of people. It was before WHO declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. It was before our societies were brought to a standstill and our rates of unemployment soared. 

What we did know, even back then, is that pandemic or not, farmland is and likely always will be a safe and reliable asset class. It was true during those rosy pre-pandemic days of (comparative) economic stability, and it’s true now that the global economy has taken a nosedive. 

But hey, we’re not here to say, “We told you so” (even though we did)....

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Top 5 Reasons We Are Investing In Farmland And You Should Too

Karen and I have spent most of the last decade following a focused plan to properly globally diversify our wealth rather than turning a blind eye to the unrest both within the US as much as, if not more so than, beyond our borders.

So, we’ve steadily taken some healthy stock market gains off the table and transferred most of that capital from the very sentiment-driven volatility of the stock market into what we believe is safer harbor in hard assets - primarily real estate-backed assets. For us, this means a portfolio that has included: single family homes, multifamily apartments, mobile home parks, and other syndicated real estate-based investments. 

Our bet on real estate has given us many advantages over investing in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds; it offers predictable cash-flow, appreciates in value thus keeping up with inflation, provides higher returns due to leverage, and offers equity growth through debt reduction.

Then about 5 years ago, we opened our eyes to...

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Why did we invest in a Coconut Farm?


10 years ago, if you’d have told us that we'd have more than 25% of our wealth in organic farmland and agriculture investments today, we’d have called you crazy! 

But here we are and we sleep well at night knowing that even when the stock market corrects, people are still gonna eat, drink, and use products made from coconuts! 

Where is your wealth invested? If you have pension, IRA or cash invested in the stock market today and want to learn about protecting and growing that wealth using Agriculture, please comment below 

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